Flea Market Tips

Going to a flea market can often seem a bit daunting. Here we’ve broken down how we tackle these giant parking lots packed with vendors. If you follow these tips, your trip is sure to be fun and painless!

  1. Eat a good breakfast. You’re going to needs lots of energy to get you through a flea market day! We love starting our excursions with a good breakfast burrito.
  2. Bring an SUV. You never know when you’ll find an item that won’t fit in your Honda Civic. We’re Jeep girls, and sometimes that’s not even big enough for our flea market finds!
  3. Leave fashion at the door. Your outfit needs to be functional, who knows if you will be hauling around a chair or two the entire time (we’ve done it, and if we were wearing crop tops and maxi skirts like the rest of the crowd we would not have made it). Our go to is sneakers and yoga pants.
  4. Don’t trust the maps! Seriously, don’t. The flea market maps will work as well for you as a broken compass. Simply start in one corner and work your way through row by row.
  5. Always have a list. We always bring one to stay organized and on track for the pieces we need. Our lists always include the maximum dimensions for the piece needed, nothing’s worse than bringing an amazing piece home that doesn’t fit! It’s way too easy to start wandering and get distracted by other items, keep your list as your guide and you’ll do just fine.
  6. Always bring a tape measure. This one’s pretty obvious, you can’t measure with your eyes.
  7. Bring a tote bag. Many vendors don’t wrap or bag anything. This will save you from awkwardly carrying small items in your hand all day.
  8. If you love it buy it. Don’t assume it will be there later. Whether it’s vintage dresser, a squirrel cookie jar, or a giraffe coat rack, if you’re absolutely obsessed with something, and you know it will fit, get it on the spot.
  9. Think outside the box. Love that end table but hate the color? Paint it! Painting, repurposing, and reupholstering are always great options!
  10. Always ask for a better price. The vendors are expecting it, negotiating is in their job description.
  11. Bring plenty of cash and your checkbook. Vendors negotiate more easily with cash. Plus you can always pull out the “Oh but I only have One Hundred on me….” It works, trust us.
  12. Get there early, and stay late. The good stuff is always out at opening, but vendors are more likely to give you a lower price towards closing. Who wants to repack that vintage china set or haul that million pound dresser? Not them.
  13. Don’t give up! If you’ve been searching for an hour and just can’t find anything, take another look. There is always something hiding. And if you don’t have the energy there’s always next time! We’ve had total bust days, don’t let them get you down!