Tori and Maddy:
A design love story


Maddy and Tori met at FIDM,

bonding quickly over a mutual love of cake, candy, and 1960’s animated Christmas movies. They began pairing up for every school project and discovered that their design sensibilities and philosophies were strikingly similar. Both lived by the ideas that a room should have a life and personality of it’s own that deeply reflects the person who resides in it, and that this can be accomplished without breaking the bank.

Both Maddy and Tori agreed that there was a large gap in the interior design world for affordable, accessible, and delightfully chic design. Frustrated with a world so focused on the super luxurious and unattainable, they decided to forge ahead and fill the gap by creating their own world of design.

After many meetings over candies, pies, and pastas, Little Black Box was born.